“How Will You Care for My Loved One?”

Routine Hospice Care - Hospice Care Arizona

Routine Care

Our hospice team comes to your home. We schedule ongoing visits to your residence to properly manage symptoms and meet the needs of your loved one, your family, and you, the caregiver.

In-Patient Care - Hospice Care Arizona

Continuous Care

Our hospice team provides 24-hour bedside care for short term crisis management at your residence. Patients often like to stay in their home.

  • Continuous Care gives higher level of support without having to relocate to a hospice care facility.
  • Continuous Care is initiated when there are symptoms like pain, anxiety, and respiratory distress that are out of control and bedside support is necessary.

Once your loved one has stabilized, we return to Routine Care.

In-Patient Care - Hospice Care Arizona

In-Patient Care

In-Patient Care is similar to Continuous Care. However, we care for your loved one in a facility rather than in your loved one’s home.  During In-Patient Care we assess your loved one daily and cover room and board as long as your loved one requires this level of symptom management.

  • Families may prefer In-Patient care because the 24/7 bedside attention may be too involved for their household.
  • We contract with over 40 facilities all across the valley so that your loved one is close to home.

Once stabilized, our team transitions your loved one back to Routine Care in their place of residence or their home.

Respite Hospice Care - Hospice Care Arizona

Respite Care

Respite Care is a short term relief program designed to give you, the caregiver, an opportunity to tend to other concerns. Our team will relocate your loved one for up to 5 days and we cover room and board during this respite period.

  • Families choose respite care to “catch up” on life, attend important events (e.g. high school graduation, church events)
  • Caregivers often depend on respite care to get rest and “recharge their batteries” with peace of mind that their loved one is in good hands.
  • We have over 40 respite facilities available throughout the valley.

At the end of Respite Care, we transition your loved one back to Routine Care in their place of residence.

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