Accreditation provides families peace of mind that they are partnering with an organization that invests in its standards and holds excellent patient care above all else.

What are ACHC Standards?

The standards of ACHC exceed Medicare standards.  Much of requirements for accreditation is maintaining good and sound clinical documentation, so that every visit and every clinical note is kept to validate our care, but to also make available to the family to present all the many resources involved to care for the patient’s family member.

We go above and beyond to provide the best training for our staff so they, in turn, can provide the best care to the patients and families.

How Do You Earn an ACHC Gold Standard?

To obtain accreditation, an ACHC surveyor arrives at our company unannounced and audits patient charts, reviews our policies and procedures, and reviews our office for compliance. The surveyor performs field visits with our staff to ensure that we use proper techniques with our patients. The surveyor interviews our staff for competence, knowledge, and case experience. Medicare is notified upon achieving accreditation. 

Sage Hospice achieved the ACHC Gold Standard, which is the highest standard in hospice care.



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